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Saturday, April 14, 2018

City Council Preview - What's on the Agenda for the April 23 Meeting?

After a couple of very long meetings this month of April, things wrap up with a few new committee appointments and review of left over issues from Committee before election season begins! 

CLOSED MEETING: 2018 Public Appointment to Council Remuneration Advisory Committee; April 2018 Public Appointments to the River Systems and Tourism Advisory Committee.
PS-2018.09 Taxi By-law Review and Regulations of Vehicles for Hire - There's no new information to council following-up on what was discussed in Committee, but the agenda package contains a new statement from Chris Schafer, Uber Canada Public Policy Manager, who delegated at Committee, and Doak McCraney, a part-time driver with Red Top Taxi who also delegated at Committee.
CS-2018.44 April 2018 Public Appointments to the River Systems and Tourism Advisory Committee - As you'll note above, these appointments will be discussed at a closed session of council before the open meeting begins at 6:30. Three people will posted to the River Systems Advisory Committee, and, presumably, three different people will be appointed to the Tourism Advisory Committee.
CS-2018.42 2018 Public Appointments to the Council Remuneration Advisory Committee - Since the last term of council, a group of five citizens have been gathered in the last months of the term to consider changes to council compensation for the next term with city staff offering guidance and feedback. Despite all the usual efforts, only four applications are eligible to be approved at this point, but staff is recommending to move forward regardless. The nominations will be discussed at the above closed meeting before being announced and ratified during the open meeting.
Consent Items from the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting on April 3:

  • PS-2018.05 Transit Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
  • PS-2018.06 Regulation of Election Signs
  • PS-2018.06 Regulation of Election Signs – Memo
  • PS-2018.08 Guelph/Eramosa Fire Contract
  • CS-2018.38 Corporate Records Retention By-Law Amendment
  • CS-2018.11 2018 Property Tax Policy Report
  • CS-2018.12 2019 Budget Schedule and Process Change
  • Guelph Wellington Oral Health Action Committee

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