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Friday, March 9, 2012

Press Release - Call to a Rally this Sunday

It started in Vancouver last weekend, and has moved across country now to Toronto and Guelph this Sunday. I got this press release today about the Guelph Rally for Democracy this Sunday downtown. If you're in the mood to protest after church or CNN's Reliable Sources, then make thee down to St. George's Square and follow the below instructions:
Guelph Rally for Democracy, Sunday March 11th, St. George’s Square at 1pm, City Hall at 2pm
This Sunday citizens of Guelph will come together to raise their voices against electoral fraud and to show their support for democracy. This is the same day that similar rallies will be taking place in Toronto, Montréal, Calgary and Peterborough.
This non-partisan event will be focused on specific demands of government, including: an immediate  independent, public inquiry into the fraud; full accountability, including up to the Prime Minister’s Office, if necessary; and by-elections in each affected riding.
There will be speakers from the Council of Canadians, Guelph Labour Council and the University of Guelph’s Central Student Association.
People will meet at St. George’s Square at 1pm with signs and banners, and will walk to City Hall at 2pm.
Supported by: Council of Canadians-Guelph Chapter, U of G Central Students Association, OPIRG, Beyond Occupy, Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice, CUPE, Guelph Labour Council

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