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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Overpopulation Myth (According to a Woman With 19 Kids)

So overpopulation is a myth made up by kid hating liberals who don't understand that if the entire 7 billion-plus population of the world stood shoulder to shoulder, then they would fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville, FL. At least, that's according to noted anthropologist and population-expert Michelle Duggar, mother of the clan in the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting.
Now I naturally don't expect a woman that's spent almost the entirely of her adult life pregnant to cop to the idea that the Earth is dangerous approaching its maximum occupancy, but for her to not just deny overpopulation, but to suppose that her and her family of 21 are environmentally sound comes dangerously close to Secretary of Defense Herman Cain levels of delusion.
Duggar was asked the question as part of a web interview for the Christian Broadcasting Network. You can see the clip below:

So apparently,smart shopping at thrift stores and a used car are all you need to be carbon neutral in a house with 19 kids, which is true, if those used clothes are durable for a lifetime and the used car you buy is a bio-diesel-powered city bus. Or as Jezebel's Erin Gloria Ryan put it:
A family of three or four would practically have to prance around throwing a trail of styrofoam packing peanuts in their wake to leave the same sort of carbon footprint that the Duggars leave. And it's impossible to suggest that every single family buy used goods ad infinitum — until clothing and cars are made to be infinitely durable, someone at some point needs to consume a new product lest America start looking like the S&M Australian wasteland in Mad Max: Road Warrior.
Bottom line, I'm about as likely to take advice about the state of overpopulation on the planet from a woman with 19 children as I am to take the advice of an oil company exec about the hoaxiness of global climate change. All I know is that when God told humanity to be fruitful and multiply, Michelle Duggar took it to be a solo mission on her part. 
And remember when TLC stood for "The Learning Channel?" The only thing I'm learning is that there are a lot of delusional people in the world....

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