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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Present and Accounted For

The attendance records for the last year of city council are out, and if half the job is showing up, then Guelph citizens should be glad to know that many of their city councillors are batting .500. 
Starting from the top, Mayor Karen Farbridge gets top attendance marks missing only 4 out of 68 meetings of the full council. But Farbridge is beaten in attendance by several councillors, including Ward 4's Cam Guthrie who went 68 for 68 in council meetings. Ian Findlay comes in second place by being present at 67 meetings with Ward 1 duo Bob Bell and Jim Furfaro tied for third place at 66 meetings attended each. On the flip side, Lise Burcher gets no gold stars showing up for only 52 meetings, Maggie Laidlaw does a little bit better by being there for 57 meetings, while Ward 3 mate June Hofland and Ward 4's Gloria Kovach tie with 62 each.
Attendance at committee meetings is also tracked, and on this point numerous councillors share the distinction of perfect attendance. Mayor Farbridge along with Councillors Bell, Todd Dennis, Furfaro and Guthrie showed for all their committee meetings. Of course, it's worth pointing out that Farbridge had 51 committee meetings versus the 18.75 average meetings of the other four, but she is paid full time for her service, and she is the mayor, so I guess that plays.
It's also worth noting, that these attendance records don't necessarily reflect the intention of a particular councillor to cut class, as it were. They have real life jobs, and other responsibilities for the city, like conferences and the like, that would take them away from council. 
For the full breakdown of each council members attendance, you can see the chart below or get a better look clicking here

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