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Friday, March 2, 2012

Guelph NDP Issues Robocall Press Release

Robocall, not Robocop!
The local NDP has sent out a press release, declaring that they are helping to unearth answers in the growing robocall scandal, and are expressing their dismay about the entire affair. Quotes inside include comments from Ontario election candidate James Gordon and other riding association officials. Read through the statement below:
The local NDP Riding Association is doing its part to help find answers in the robo-calls scandal that currently impacts over 45 ridings across Canada.
Recent probes have unearthed information that the same type of robo-calls, allegedly harassing voters and directing them to incorrect polling stations, were made during the provincial election in 2011.
“As a candidate, I’m saddened to hear that these tactics may have been used to discourage people with a real desire to take part in the democratic process.” said James Gordon, the local NDP candidate in the fall 2011 election. “This kind of behavior that makes people feel that the system, and their representatives, aren’t working for them.”
“I can promise you that I’ll continue to work in our community, to earn the votes of Guelphites, in a spirit of transparency, equality and fairness.”
The Guelph NDP (GNDP) encourages anyone who received such a call to be in contact with the Riding Association. The GNDP are collecting any details you may remember, such as the time of the call, any information you may have about the caller, and whether they said that they were calling from Elections Canada.
“The unprecedented campaign of interference with the May 2 election, national in its breadth, represents a very serious threat to the democratic process in Canada,” said David Josephy, Vice-President of the  Federal Riding Association. “The NDP's investigation of this interference would be assisted by any information that our members can provide to us.”
“If you received one of these calls, or any other misleading or harassing phone call on or before election day, we would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know about the incident,” Josephy added.
The Riding Association will forward information that it collects to the federal party, and to Elections Canada.
The Globe and Mail reported February 28th that Cameron Adams, who managed Guelph NDP candidate Bobbi Stewart's campaign in 2007, estimated the campaign office heard from between 10 and 12 people who had received an automated call directing them to another polling station on election day.
“It’s clear to us that voters deserve answers about what took place in our Riding, and so many others across the country,” said Cecilie Rosairus, President of the local Riding Association. “We expect that political parties will conduct themselves with integrity, and in a way that shows respect to their constituents.”

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