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Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Tweets from Cam (For a While)

While reviewing my Twitter feed today, I came across this:  

Typically, someone, anyone, taking a Twitter break isn't newsworthy, but Ward 4 Councillor Cam Guthrie has blazed new ground locally for availability and accessibility via social media by our politicians. Hopefully, whatever might be keeping Cam from tweeting will resolve itself and allow him to tweet again soon.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Cam on everything, but I do appreciate his open approach as a City Councillor. He's a great example of how politics should work.

Cam Guthre said...

I'm going away on Vacation with my family for two weeks! Before I leave, I have to concentrate on my work (insurance) and to tie up any loose ends at City hall so everything is handled while I'm gone. That's the only reason why I'm taking a "break" for 30 days. I return back from holidays mid April. And boy, do I need to get away! HA!
Cam Guthrie

Brian McMullen said...

I have been asking Cam Guthrie since Jan 4th for some help in getting a decent transit service restored to the industrial areas.He told me through Jan.and Feb.that a lot of people are complaining and he would try to help. He,in my opinion he is just trying to appease people with words until the complaints go away to the point where he told me last week that I am now the only person with a problem in the industrial areas and that he has no intention of helping "one person get the service fixed for their own personal satisfaction".If he truly is trying to help people he should put flyers on the industrial bus as I have asked to take an accurate poll of the riders so that we can have our say,he told me he is not going to do that.It strikes me if he say's he is going to help then he should do everything possible to find out what the people really want.Gloria Kovach is the only council member to tell me that she is against the problems created by transit,the 4 other council members who responded all tell me that they support what is being done in the industrial areas.I think that Cam Guthrie just wants to play in the chat rooms on facebook and twitter to make it look like he is working for the people.I have not looked too closely at what he is doing in other areas but for those of us being ripped off and inconvenienced by transit he is less than useless as an option for help.