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Friday, June 15, 2018

City Council Preview - What's on the Agenda for the June 25 Meeting?

For the regular city council meeting this month, we've got the next council's paycheques, board appointments, a notice of motion, and the last kick of the can for the second phase of Clair-Maltby on the agenda. 

CLOSED MEETING: CS-2018-51 2018 Public Appointments to Wellbeing Grant Panel and Guelph Sports Hall of Fame; CAO-2018-15 Wastewater Services Administrative Building Panels; OPSEU Bargaining Mandate; CAO Performance Evaluation.
CS-2018-56 2018 Council Remuneration Advisory Committee Report - The committee has come back with its recommendation for compensation for the mayor and council next term, and while the next mayor won't see a raise, those elected to the new city council will. The new councillors will be getting $500 more bucks per year when the new council convenes in December. Or, to put it dryly, the salary for the position of Mayor for the Council term commencing December 1, 2018 be maintained at $122,724, while the salary for the position of City Councillor for the Council term commencing December 1, 2018 be set at $40,000. Meanwhile, benefits for the position of mayor and city councillor for the Council term commencing December 1, 2018 will continue to be aligned with the Non- Union Municipal Employee group (NUME).
CS-2018-52 Public Appointments to Wellbeing Grant Panel and Guelph Sports Hall of Fame - As noted above, after the council meets in closed session to hear the names of appointees, they will be ratified in the open session of the meeting. Three people will be named to the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors through November 2021, and three people will be appointed, along with four reappointments, to the Community Wellbeing Grant Allocation Panel for a term ending this November.
IDE-2018-77 Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan Phase Two Report and Recommended Preferred Community Structure Plan - Following up on this week's special council meeting that focused on Clair-Maltby, the final ratification of the new borders, the preferred community structure, and the new amendments will all be considered.
Notice of Motion: City of Guelph By-Law (1995)- 14864 Review & Suspension of Enforcement - This is a follow-up to that Ward 1 town hall a couple of weeks ago about driveway width. The motion by Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson and seconded by Mayor Cam Guthrie, asks staff to review section 4 and section 5 of the bylaw, which is the portion that deals with on-street parking. Specifically:
  • - A Driveway (Residential) in an R.2 Zone shall have a maximum driveway width of 3.5 metres.
  • - Despite Section, a surfaced walk within 1.5 metres of the nearest foundation wall is permitted providing that it is not Used for parking.
  • - The Driveway (Residential) width in an R.3B Zone shall not exceed the Garage width of the unit, as measured from the outside walls of the Garage or no more than 50% of the Front Yard, whichever is less, to a minimum of 3 metres wide. The Front Yard, excepting the Driveway (Residential) shall be landscaped and no parking shall be permitted within this Landscaped Open Space.
  • The first sentence of Table 5.2.2, Row 15 - The Front Yard of any Lot, excepting the Driveway (Residential), shall be landscaped and no parking shall be permitted within this Landscaped Open Space.
  • - Maximum Driveway (Residential) Width of R.3B Zone On-Street Townhouses shall comply with
Despite the suspicion of those specific provisions, the motion also says that the bylaw *may* be suspended in cases that meet the following qualifications:
  • That any Driveway (Residential) is no wider than 5 metres
  • That there is no negative impact on lot drainage
  • That no hard surface shall be located closer than 1.5m setback from a Municipally owned or boundary tree and not incur loss or damage to the tree
  • That the remaining Front Yard, excepting the Driveway (Residential) shall be landscaped and no parking is occurring within this landscaped Open Space.
  • That the boulevard portion of the Driveway (Residential) does not exceed 3.5 meters.
  • That City-owned water shut off valves shall not be located within any portion of the driveway that exceeds the Zoning By-law sections as listed above
Council will merely approve whether or not the motion can move forward to the next stage, which is discussion at the next Committee of the Whole meeting in July.
Items from the Committee of the Whole Meeting on June 3:
CS-2018-21 2017 Consolidated Financial Statements and External Audit Findings Report
CS-2018-03 Investment Standards and Policy Change
CAO-2018-17 Service Simplified: A Customer Service Strategy
PS-2018-24 Fixed Gear Brewing Company – Manufacturer’s Limited Liquor Sales Licence Application
PS-2018-25 Paramedic Services Response Time Performance Plan for 2019
PS-2018-26 Boulevard Maintenance Service Review
PS-2018-27 Guelph Transit Special Event Fare Program Update
CS-2018-47 Accountability and Transparency Policy Update
CS-2018-39 Committee of the Whole One-year Review
IDE-2018-88 Municipal Funding Agreement – Ontario Main Street Revitalization Initiative
IDE-2018-76 Bee City Designation for Guelph

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