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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

GUELPH POLITICAST #91 - The Open Sources Guelph 2017 Interviews

This week on the Guelph Politicast, we're doing a bottle episode for another show entirely. If you don't listen to Open Sources Guelph (and why wouldn't you, you can find it on the same podcast channel as the Guelph Politicast), this is your chance to get a taste of what we offer every Thursday at 5 pm on CFRU.

So why highlight the good work of Open Sources? Well, I think we do an important service on that show. In Guelph, there aren't many places where you can get local politicians, or visiting politicians, to sit down for half-an-hour and talk about all the latest happenings in their respective levels of government. Yes, you can read an article where you can get a politician's thoughts on a specific issue, but to hear their voice, and know their grander background thoughts on a wide-variety of issues is just as valuable.
So on this week's podcast, you will hear from about half-a-dozen people including city councillors Phil Allt, Cathy Downer, Dan Gibson, Mike Salisbury, and Andy Van Hellemond, as well as Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield, Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong, and, in a deleted scene from last week's interview, Saanich North and the Islands MLA Adam Olsen.

If you'd like to listen to the full version of any of these interviews, you can find them on the "Past Guests" page of the Open Sources website. Coming up we will have Guelph MPP Liz Sandals on this Thursday's show, and Kitchener South-Hespeler MP Marwan Tabbara will join us on August 24. You can listen to Open Sources live every Thursday at 5 pm on CFRU.
The theme music for the Guelph Politicast is from the KPM Klassics collection by Syd Dale.
The host for the Guelph Politicast is Podbean. Find more episodes of the Politicast here.
Remember that the Politicast Podbean channel is also the host for podcast versions of Open Sources Guelph. The previous Thursday's episode of Open Sources will be posted on Mondays.

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