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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

GUELPH POLITICAST #90 - The Year at Council So Far...

You don't really know how busy seven months of council look like until you write out all the highlights in a single script and record them for a podcast, but that's what we've done for this week's podcast.

As council takes a much needed summer break, we take their pause as an opportunity to reflect on all that's happened this year so far, and boil it down into one convenient 35-minute audio story as told through the dulcet tones of the person who typically just writes down what's happening around the horseshoe. This isn't a blow-by-blow so much as a highlight real. A recap, if you will, that serves as a refresher for all that's happened so far at Guelph City Council in 2017.
And what a busy year it's been too, so far. Actually, in recapping the recaps, there was some stuff that happened that I had completely forgot about. Like that marathon council meeting on internet voting. Or that time council voted to discontinue Committee-of-the-Whole and threw the entire structure of city governance into chaos for 10 minutes. Good times. On the lighter side, there was a time capsule opening in May that got a lot of people excited, so it wasn't all bad (as they say).
So let us review a year of seven months in 40 minutes or less, as we look at the major happenings of city council so far in 2017 on this week's Guelph Politicast.

Council is on hiatus until September. The first Committee-of-the-Whole meeting after the recess will be on September 5.
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