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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Follow the Adam-Vent Calendar All Month Long in Patreon Funding Drive

In February, I launched the Patreon campaign for Guelph Politico, and it while it hasn't been a wild success, it is an ongoing effort. Admittedly, I've fallen down on the promotion of that fundraising effort, so I decided to do what all great fundraisers do: a pledge drive. October will be my pledge month, and to raise awareness we'll be looking at Guelph Politico's greatest hits all month long. 

In what I'm calling the Adam-Vent Calendar (thanks to Councillor Phil Allt for the name), I will posting once a day a favourite article from the eight-year history of Guelph Politico on social media. The goal, I hope, is to show off what all Guelph Politico, and myself, do, and maybe by showing that off some more people might like to help pay for it (or if they can't, share it with those who can). For those of you that already contribute, perhaps you will just enjoy the retrospective.
How can you follow along? Connect with the Guelph Politico Facebook page, my Twitter feed, or my new Instagram feed, and follow along all. And if you should feel so inclined, please contribute to the Guelph Politico Patreon, literally every little bit helps.

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