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Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patrick's Day Police Results

For some reason I was amused by this, although I probably shouldn't be. Today's press release from the Guelph Police Service included the numbers from their St Patrick's Day patrols, which suggest an overall quiet St Patty's Day, and a significantly less active "holiday" as opposed to last year. 
Of course, last year the festivities fell on Saturday, which helped increase the general revelry. I haven't heard what happened yesterday in London, ON, but given what happened last year, just about anything was bound to be an improvement. 
Here's the release from the police:

The Guelph Police are happy to report that Guelph's St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, although busy, were manageable and there were no big disruptions to the community.
Enforcement results:
Several keg parties were investigated. This resulted in three Liquor Licence Act charges and the seizure of ten kegs from the homes.
Thirty noise complaints were attended resulting in ten bylaw charges.
Nine arrests for public intoxication, eight charges for open liquor and four charges for public urination
were laid.

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