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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Trumped Card

He said it was going to a "bombshell" and he said that news organizations like Fox News would want to cover it "big time," but what Donald Trump delivered was yet another instance of his seemingly bottomless capacity for idiocy and self-promotion.
On Monday, Trump called in to "Fox & Friends" and told them that he had a "bombshell" about Barack Obama that he was going to announce on Wednesday. As we all know, Trump is an avowed "birther" that has squandered precious time, money and air on the subject of the President's alleged (and untrue) status as a non-American. So when he went on air Monday morning, even the most Trump-skeptical, Obama-loving, left-crazy liberal were wondering what the real estate mogul and reality TV host might have on the President. 
It turns out he's got nothing. Or rather, he'd like to bribe Obama into self-incriminating. 

Trump wants to see Obama's college and passport records. What he expects to find, I don't know, but he's said if Obama shows him the records by Halloween, then he'll show the President's favourite charity a $5 million donation. No word on what Obama thinks, but I bet is reaction goes something like this.
What slays about this latest development is how once again the hubris of Trump is on display, a completely false sense of holier than thou from a man who will willingly pretend that he's thinking about running for president but refuse to pull the trigger because of his commitments to TV show where pseudo-celebrities kiss his ass for money. 
He's also holding Obama to a higher standard then he himself. Trump, who parades himself as a financial guru, is not the richest man in the world, or even in the U.S., and has had financial troubles of his own on several occasions. Like many in the so-called "one per cent," he garnered his fortune by inheriting, not by making it himself like his self-aggrandizing mythology would have you believe. Yet he has the temerity to call into question the right of Obama to serve as President of the United States?
The solution is simple: people (and the media) need to stop giving Trump the time of day, including me. So from this point forward, I will never refer to anything Donald Trump says on the topic of American politics or anything else related to areas of interest outside the subjects of real estate and reality TV. His own expertise on those subjects is dubious enough at best, and I for one plan no further indulgences to a man so clearly blinded by his own racism that he uses his sizable stage as a bully-pulpit from which he thinks he can tell the President of the United States what do. 
He can't and he shouldn't. My own ultimatum to Trump is that I plan to speak about him nevermore. And at the end of the day, that's the only thing he's concerned about.

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