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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Disasters in Tweeting

Yesterday, I talked about Danielle Smith's unfortunate tweet suggesting that the tainted beef from the XL plant in Alberta could be cooked and served to the homeless rather than deposited hook, line and sinker into a landfill. But Smith's slip of the tongue looks rather benign next to something the Toronto Sun's Sue-Ann Levy said on Twitter about Barack Obama Monday night.
You know Sue-Ann Levy, she's the Sun columnist that's constantly whiny about how her precious tax dollars are being spent on the homeless and city employees, and people not as lucky as her to sit behind a computer all day and spew her (mostly) misguided opinions. Like this one:

Normally, one might think that Canadians were smart enough to not fall into this birther level claptrap, but Levy seems to be the exception that proves the rule. Even her own paper seems to be letting Levy off on her own for this one. "Sue-Ann Levy's tweet on the U.S. presidential debate had an inappropriate hashtag. The tweet doesn’t reflect the views of the Toronto Sun," the newspaper tweeted to followers Tuesday afternoon. And if the Sun doesn't want a piece of this right-wing slice of extremism, you have to wonder just how far from the beaten path you've strayed. 
Like Smith, Levy also doubled down on her misspeak and got combative with anyone that tried to talk her down from the secret Muslim conspiracy theory cliff, and even, at one point, refused to acknowledge that she had ever sent the scandalous tweet in question. Forget firing her, I just want to hear her admit that she did what she did, and she said what she said. It's strange that admitting you said something should be so difficult, especially for a journalist who's supposed to make a living off quoting people, but then again, maybe Levy, as many have suggested online, isn't a real journalist.

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