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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Newsweek (In Print) Folds

It came as one of those not so surprising surprises this morning when it was announced that Newsweek, the second biggest news magazine in the U.S., will no longer be printing a physical edition as of the end of the year. After years of tough times for print, times that were especially though for Newsweek, which spent more than a year on the market before being bought by Tina Brown, it seems that this periodical is the latest, and greatest, to fall victim to the digital migration. 
Despite Brown's best efforts, revamping the magazine's writers, integrating content with The Daily Beast, and coming up with sensational cover stories, less than two years after buying Newsweek, the magazine still struggles, at the newsstand and in securing advertising. So here we are, as of December 31, you can still go to the newsstand, but there will be no Newsweek there. 
So what does it all mean? Any sympathy and lingering nostalgia one may feel for the loss of an 80-plus year old magazine, is obviously mitigated by the fact that even news hawks don't pick up a copy of the actual physical magazine anymore. Just a sign of the times, I guess. But a sad sign just the same.

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