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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Council and Committee Meeting Dates Till 2019

We're in the dog days of August, a time when there's typically no city council meetings to occupy our political time. But this being an election year, the number of council and committee meetings this fall has been cut way back. Still, for those you making your fall schedules, here are the meetings coming up to make a note of.

SEPTEMBER 10: Committee of Management for the Elliott; City Council
SEPTEMBER 12: Environmental Advisory Committee
SEPTEMBER 13: Committee of Adjustment
SEPTEMBER 19: River Systems Advisory Committee

OCTOBER 8: Heritage Guelph
OCTOBER 10: Environmental Advisory Committee
OCTOBER 22: Election Day

NOVEMBER 12: Heritage Guelph
NOVEMBER 14: Environmental Advisory Committee
NOVEMBER 19: City Council (Last meeting of present term)

DECEMBER 3: Council Inauguration Meeting
DECEMBER 10: Heritage Guelph; City Council – Council as Striking Committee; City Council
DECEMBER 12: Environmental Advisory Committee
DECEMBER 17: City Council

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