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Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Note on Guelph Politico Candidate Questionairres for 2018

As you may have noticed, Guelph Politico has begun posting the Candidate Questionnaires for people running to be Guelph's mayor, its city councillors, or for trustee in one of its two English school boards. This would be the third time that Politico has run such questionnaires, but this time, they're really ambitious.

This year's Guelph Politico Candidate Questionnaire was sent out early. Instead of September, all candidates received the questionnaire either at the beginning of July or shortly after the close of nominations at the beginning of August.
Aside from the timeline, the questions themselves this year are a little more involved. There are 13 in total that cover a wide range of issues facing the candidates, while also asking them to discuss the nature of the job, and their experience making tough decisions. It's probably the most comprehensive questionnaire that Guelph Politico has ever put out into the field, and it would be great if all the candidates would be able to take part this year. (Hint, hint.)
New questionnaires will be posted as they come in, so stay tuned!

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