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Saturday, July 28, 2018

ELECTION 2018: The Final Ballot of Mayor, Council, and Trustee

66. After a spurt of new nominees over the last few days, there are 66 people running for mayor, city council, and school board trustee in Guelph. For your convenience, the complete list of candidates is below, incumbents are marked with an [X]. 


Candidates for Mayor

Cam Guthrie
Aggie Mlynarz

Candidates for Ward 1

Bob Bell [X]
Charlene Downey
Mark Gernon
Dan Gibson [X]
Dave Heffernan
Jamie Killingsworth
Barbara Mann
Jax Thornton

Candidates for Ward 2

Dorothe Fair
Rodrigo Goller
James Gordon [X]
Jonathan Knowles
Sudha Sharma
Mary Thring

Candidates for Ward 3

Phil Allt [X]
Jason Dodge
June Hofland [X]
Steven Petric
Patrick Sheridan

Candidates for Ward 4

Indu Arora
Christine Billings [X]
Brendan Clark
Peter Hamtak
Eli Ridder
Mike Salisbury [X]
Matthew Saunders

Candidates for Ward 5

Cathy Downer [X]
Alex Green
Leanne Piper [X]

Candidates for Ward 6

Usha Arora
Lise Burcher
Stacy Cooper
Anshu Khurana
Mark MacKinnon [X]
Dominique O’Rourke


Wards 1 and 5

Mark Bailey [X]
Juanita Burnett
Susan Carey
Joanne Enders
Jordan Lemcke
Martha MacNeil [X]
Ashlee McMillan
Luke Weiler

Wards 2, 3 and 4

Linda Busuttil [X]
Tina Danese
Mike Foley
Susan Moziar [X]

Ward 6 and Puslinch

Jolly Bedi
Raquel Beitz
Kevin Bowman
Marty Fairbairn [X]
Aisha Jahangir
James Kerr
Bernard Kehler
Seleena Reid


Phil Andrews
Sebastian Dal Bo [X]
Victoria Dupuis [X]
Marino Gazzola [X]
Bill Krusky
Joe Tersigni [X]

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