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Sunday, December 4, 2016

City Council Preview - What's on the Agenda for the December 7 Meeting?

It's D-Day at council on Wednesday as all the weeks and months of money matters come down to how the 13 people around the horseshoe vote as they build the 2017 #GuelphBudget.

James Krauter, Acting General Manager Finance and Treasurer will present the staff's list of recommendations. This is the basis for council will begin discussions with new cuts and expenditures to be proposed by the various councillors.
The recommendations by the numbers:
*Gross amount for the 2017 Tax Supported Capital Budget: $59,448,050
*Gross amount for the 2018-2026 Tax Supported Capital Forecast: $799,018,921
*2017 Tax Supported Operating Budget: $221,944,377 or 1.69 per cent over last year
*Dedicated Infrastructure Renewal Levy: 0.5 per cent or approximately $1,109,700
*Gross expenditures for the 2017 Downtown Guelph Business Association budget:$571,165, including a total levy of $487,000
*Investment in Guelph Public Library for 1 FTE: $70,400
*Investment in Guelph Police Services for 4.94 FTE’s: $813,800
*All changes in user fees (as outlined in pages 135-167 of the Budget proposal)
*Non-Union compensation adjustment in the amount of $450,872 to maintain Non-Union salaries at the 52.7th percentile of the City’s comparator group
*Proposed transfers to and from reserves and reserve funds amounting to $32,019,350 (outlined here on pages 19 and 20)
Council will also be asked for their endorsement of the continuation of the Dedicated Infrastructure
Renewal Levy for a 10 year period and subjected to annual review.
*If not all budget matters are resolved on Wednesday night, there will be a Thursday session of council. Time to be determined (if necessary).

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