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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PRESS RELEASE - Clean Air Day Tomorrow, Ride the Bus for Free

Although I'm not sure how successful it is at actually getting people out of their cars and on to city buses, it's worth pointing out just the same that tomorrow is Clean Air Day. All day long, folks will be able to ride Guelph Transit for free across the Royal City, an act of faith that you'll be so impressed with the ease and comfort of your journey that you might be convinced to take it more often and pay for the privilege. The bus is always full on Clean Air Day, but I'm unsure just how much of that increased ridership has to do with the (lack of) price tag, and how much of it is people experimenting with the system. Still, do yourself a favour and do the air a favour, and for a day tomorrow, just leave the car at home.

Here's the press release from the City of Guelph:
Guelph, ON, June 1, 2015 – On national Clean Air Day, Wednesday, June 3, Guelph Transit is offering free transit service all day.

“Guelph Transit invites everyone to leave their cars at home and try transit for free on Clean Air Day,” says Phil Meagher, General Manager of Guelph Transit. “Guelph is a well-connected community offering not only a public transit system but also a bike lane network designed for active and sustainable transportation.”

In addition to a free bus ride, community members considering environmentally-friendly travel options can stop by Guelph Central Station between 9 a.m. and noon to pick up free transit and cycling maps, and learn more about accessibility features on Guelph Transit buses and cycling safety.

Also on June 3, the City invites riders to learn about the Guelph Transit Priority Project at City Hall from 6 to 9 p.m. This public event will identify transit priority measures for the short, medium, and long-term, and provide information about developing bus rapid transit on key corridors in Guelph.

About Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day raises awareness and encourages action on clean air and climate change issues. Canadians can show their commitment by participating in activities that contribute to cleaner air, healthier communities and a better quality of life for all. On Clean Air Day consider choosing an environmentally-friendly travel options such as cycling, walking, carpooling or taking public transit.

About Bicycle-friendly Guelph

The Bicycle-Friendly Guelph Initiative is working to make cycling safer and more convenient in hopes of tripling the number of daily bike trips in Guelph by 2018.

In 2014, Guelph was named one of Ontario’s most bicycle-friendly cities by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition.


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