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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sniffing Out Some Solutions

If something smells strange in your naeighbourhood, and you think it might be the new Organic Waste Plant on the next block, then an event on Monday might interest you. 
According to the below press release from the city, there is a plan in motion to deal with the smell coming from the plant that was discovered last month. The release mentions that there are several potential solutions on the table, all developed by Maple Reinders, the company that build the plant in partnership with the City of Guelph. The plan's been vetted by the Ministry of the Environment and a third party, and now it's ready to go to the public.
Read on to get more details from the release:
GUELPH, ON, December 15, 2011 – A draft action plan to address odours at Guelph’s organic waste processing facility will be presented to a citizens’ advisory group, called the Public Liaison Committee, during a special meeting on Monday, December 19.
The draft action plan recommends several solutions to manage and minimize odours. These include: 
Air containment system
  • Redesigning the delivery of blower room air to the air management system
  • Installing a carbon filter on the acid waste tank 
  • Monitoring water tank hatches to prevent any air from escaping
Odour management system
  • replacing ammonia sensors 
  • improving air flow and liquid distribution in the scrubber/humidifier
The draft action plan was prepared by Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd., the designer and builder of the organic waste facility. It has been reviewed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and an independent, third party – Dillon Consulting Limited – and includes their recommendations.
After receiving 10 odour complaints about the facility in November, the City stopped accepting organic waste. Maple Reinders immediately put in place round-the-clock inspection and initiated a review of the air management system and the odour control system.
“The City is very pleased that Maple Reinders took immediate action to address odours at the facility, such as closing the vents from the blower room to the outside and adjusting the water holding tank hatches to prevent any air from escaping," said Laird. "We are confident that further, long-term solutions contained in the draft report will go a long way to addressing residents’ odour complaints," said Laird. "We value the support of the Ministry in working with us to address the concerns of nearby residents."
“The facility will not resume receiving organic waste until the City, in consultation with the Ministry and the citizens’ advisory group, is satisfied odours are under control,” added Laird. "We look forward to hearing their comments and suggestions."
Maple Reinders will finalize the draft action plan following the citizens’ advisory group meeting and continue to implement long-term solutions. 
Progress on implementing the action plan will be reported to nearby residents and the community.

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