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Friday, August 26, 2016

GUELPH POLITICAST #48 - Food Trucks in Guelph

Can you smell what the trucks are cooking? Guelphites certainly have been this summer as the City has experimented with new rules and regulations for the roll out (pun intended) of food trucks in the Royal City. In years gone by, the most you can expect in terms of "meals on wheels" was a hot dog cart; I myself have found memories of the chip wagon strategically situated between my house and my high school in Georgetown, but as we've seen this summer, the food truck business is incredibly more diverse than we might have once thought possible.
To discuss the topic from the perspective of those trying to make a go with the new food truck economy, I found two of the people really promoting that diversity of offerings. On the one hand we have Jakki Prince, owner of Sweet Temptations who uses her food truck as an extension and promotion of her south end cupcake shop; and on the other we have Scotty Yates, whose Chef Scotty Yates Bistro Tour offers unique meals made from locally-sourced ingredients. If you've been to a local event with food trucks this summer, it's likely you saw one, or both of them, there.
So in gathering these two entrepreneurs some of the questions I had concerned their thoughts on the this summer's great food truck experiment, whether they thought that the City's on the right track with crafting its permanent policy, the feedback they've personally been getting from the community, and their reactions to the remaining criticism of the business model. Over all, it seems that business is very good for these culinary experts, and while there are still some details to iron out, the message is that the sky's the limit for Guelph's growing food truck fleet.
Hope you're hungry, because there's a lot to talk about with the food truck business on this week's Guelph Politicast.

So are you hungry yet? Make your way to Sweet Temptations at 1398 Gordon St., Unit #5 or check it out at the store's website, Facebook page, and of course follow along on Twitter. As for Chef Scotty Yates Bistro Tour you can find out where he'll be next through his website, as well as through his Facebook page, and Twitter account also.
If you want to learn more about the City's pending improvements to the food truck by-law, visit the City's website here, and stay tuned because the changes will be coming before council for approval later this fall.
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