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Monday, July 25, 2016

What Does the New Ward 5/6 Boundary Look Like?

It was kind of buried in the consent agenda of last week's city council meeting, but if you live in certain portions of Zaduk Place, Paddison Court, or Sweeney Drive, you might not be in the same ward in 2018 that you are right now. The boundary will now head north at Zaduk Place off Kortright Road East and continue to MacAlister Boulevard to Victoria Road South, but what does that look like, and where can you register your concern if you don't like it?
So here's what the boundary between Ward 5 and Ward 6 looks like now:
And here's what it will look like in time for the 2018 municipal election:

You might recall that that the City has going to pursue the Council Composition and Employment Status Review, which was meant to look at a number of governance factors including new ward boundaries and full time councillors, but the review wasn't budgeted for 2016, and if it is funded in 2017, it may be too late to finish it in time for the 2018 election. Moving the boundary between Ward 5 and Ward 6 was considered a "minor corrective action" to address this one problem, the fact that there were no streets or homes in this area when the ward boundary lives were drawn.
This isn't a done deal though. If you'd like to appeal the decisions, you have until 45 days from when the new boundary was approved to file it with the city clerk's office at 519-837-5603 or clerks@guelph.ca.

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