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Friday, July 8, 2016

GUELPH POLITICAST #43 - Bicycling in Guelph

Once we get to driving age, a great many of us forget the joy and exhilaration that comes from getting out and about on one's bicycle. Over the last several years, many municipalities, including Guelph, have been busily trying to make their communities more bike-friendly in the hopes of maybe getting people to catch that spirit once more (much to the chagrin of those that think that the road's for cars only). But is Guelph bike friendly enough? This week we talk to some experts.

 So why is cycling such a big deal? For many cities, it is key to curbing congestion, and creating healthier communities. In the last decade, municipalities across the country have hoped to encourage more people to get on their bikes where possible and leave their cars at home by creating bike lanes, bike trails, multi-use paths, clubs, safety tips, and specialized bike parking. These things are all meant to encourage people to use two-wheeled forms of transportation, and Guelph is just as eager to make a case for it as any other city. So how are we doing?
You want to learn about bicycling in Guelph first hand, there are no better authorities to talk to than Yvette Tendick, president of the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation, and Nathan Poulton, host of the CFRU show Cycology. I brought the two cycling magnates together to talk about the glories of being on your bike in the Royal City, the ways that the City can improve the experience, and the problem of bike theft in Guelph. If you're a cycling nerd, you're definitely going to want to bookmark this.

Learn more about the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation at its website here, and on its Facebook page here. And you can listen to Cycology every Monday morning on CFRU.
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