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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Real or Meme?

When looking at the MPs that all voted 'yea' to last night's vote on Motion 312, I came across this. 
Doesn't it look bizarre? You would assume that I Photoshoped it, but no, you can go to the website for Rob Clarke, MP for Desneth√©–Missinippi–Churchill River and see it for yourself.
Was it Photoshoped? I don't know. It kind of looks like it though. What kind of picture is this to take with the Prime Minister, the leader of your party, and your family? It looks like Harper's about to have them for dinner, and not in a pleasant way. 
And if this is real, what is Harper thinking in this picture? He seems overly pleased with the way that Clarke and his family are posed for the camera, almost like he personally choreographed the scene. Did he? Somehow I don't think the Prime Minister of Canada does a lot of portraiture. 
Still, this picture is bizarre. It has the look and feel of an internet meme. Where will Stephen Harper suddenly appear next? I'll leave it to graphic designers more crafty than I to decide.

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