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Sunday, September 3, 2017

VIDEO: Some Kinks and Confusion on the First Ride of the #99

Months of hard work led to this: the launch of the new Guelph Transit route system and schedule. The City of Guelph kicked things off with an inaugural ride on the new northbound #99 Mainline as members of city council, transit staff, and commuters all boarded the bust to see if all the prep and promotion had paid off.

Reviews, as you see in the video below, are mixed. It was not a bump-less ride, there were a few wrinkles, but perhaps it wasn't anything a new, free hot mug couldn't smooth over. Mayor Cam Guthrie, Councillors James Gordon and Cathy Downer, Transit general manager Mike Spicer, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1189 head Andrew Cleary, and I were onboard for this first trip from Guelph Central Station to the Walmart Smart Centre and saw it all unfold. 
And now, so can you...

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