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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Trees Saved (for a change)

Paradoxically, as the City was fighting to mow down some trees in the HCBP, it was fighting to keep them up in the area around Goldie Mill. Here's the City's press release:

A revised plan for the parking lot at the Guelph Youth Music Centre and the Goldie Mill Park will allow for the majority of the mature trees to remain.

City staff presented this modified plan at a meeting last night at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. Changes to the plan were made in response to comments received from residents and input from a public meeting on August 5.

The City also committed to working with a focus group of residents and stakeholders to produce a final plan for the parking lot that meets the needs of the community and Guelph Youth Music Centre.

The City will implement measures to minimize construction impacts on the trees adjacent to the parking lot. The City is also committed to replacing any transplanted trees that do not survive, and planting new trees adjacent to the parking lot.

Other changes include reducing the number of proposed parking spaces, and minimizing the brightness and limiting the extent of the lighted areas, including removing one of the proposed light poles. To address concerns about storm water runoff, an oil grit separator will be included in the storm water system, providing additional treatment for water runoff from the parking lot before it enters the Speed River.

Not to say that I'm not pleased about this development, but it seems bizarre to me how the same city hall that fights so hard for environmental protection in the core, let's sprawl run rampant along the edges of town.

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