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Monday, August 3, 2009

Calm Before the Storm?

It's all quiet for now it seems as we're a little over 12 hours away from the court hearing for the City's injunction over the removal of protesters from the Hanlon Creek Business Park site.

From the HCBP Blog:

*** please help spread the word as far as possible ****

The city of Guelph is requesting an injunction in court. If they win the injunction, construction would continue and anyone on the site would be removed and imprisoned/fined.

If we win the construction stops and we stay on the land, and momentum around this issue will continue to grow. So we have an extremely important and urgent request.


Help us pack the courtroom and show the city how much support we have. The location is downtown, at 74 Woolwich St., across from the River Run Center.

Please please please, if you can help in any way, we would appreciate it. Most importantly, the land, the old growth forest, the Hanlon creek, would all appreciate it. There is a lot at stake with tomorrow’s court date.

Anyone interested in helping to flyer at the buses beforehand that would be awesome!! Please email us hcbpoccupation@gmail.com

I was also sent this link to a couple of good articles about the protest on Digital Journal, check it out by clicking here.

As for myself, I work in Toronto on Tuesday's so I'll be unable to attend the hearing in person, but as soon as I hear anything via the interweb, I'll pass it along.

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