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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Voter Fraud: No Big Deal

“Voter suppression is as old as the hills.”
If you thought that was some pundit or internet blogger saying those words you'd be wrong. Nope, it was Arthur Hamilton, lawyer for the Conservative Party of Canada in matters of legal action concerning the outcome of the 2011 Federal election. 
Consider that this was no mere suppression, all the robocalls representing a nation-wide effort to stop thousands of Canadians from exercising their right to vote, to basically shrug your shoulders and say "oh, well" seems like something of a brush off. As if this entire affair was a waste of his time. Fortunately, others disagree.

The following is an e-mail sent out to members of the Council of Canadians. It says that while there are a lot of people in this country still clamouring for answers. those that should be the most invested in getting some seem not to care. Here's the e-mail:
“Voter suppression is as old as the hills.” 
Yesterday, Arthur Hamilton, lawyer for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), uttered these very words in Federal Court.
He said this while arguing the CPC’s shocking motion to have the legal actions contesting the outcome of the May 2011 election in the robocall scandal thrown out – before the Federal Court has an opportunity to consider the powerful evidence of widespread fraud that has already been filed with the court!
It may come as news to the seven Conservative MPs who won those elections, that never in our country’s history has there been evidence of a widespread, deliberate, targeted and effective campaign of voter suppression.
As Prothonotary (Judicial Officer of the Federal Court) Martha Milczynski said in response to Mr Hamilton, “This is unchartered territory, these allegations of voter suppression.”
Friends, this underscores precisely the magnitude and importance of the legal actions brought by brave Canadians in the seven ridings at issue.
I was there yesterday and let me tell you, I felt your presence and support, and that of everyone else in this country who believes in defending democracy, there with me in that courtroom.
Remember, these legal actions are the only means through which election results affected by robocalls and other voter suppression tactics can be overturned and voters’ democratic rights legally restored.
Contrary to Mr Hamilton’s assertion yesterday that “the only people in jeopardy here are the parliamentarians”, it is the entire Canadian electorate – and the integrity of our very democracy – that are in jeopardy.
We are very hopeful that in the coming days the Federal Court will dismiss the CPC motions so that these critically important legal cases can be heard without further delay.
These cases are strong and the evidence of widespread voter fraud is disturbing and compelling.
Yesterday was a step towards justice and I thank you so much for your continuing support. Generous public contributions to The Democracy 24-7 Legal Fund are the reason why these landmark cases are now before the Federal Court.
Stay tuned…we will keep you posted! And remember, you can always visit www.canadians.org/election to learn more and stay informed.
With continuing hope and resolve,
Maude Barlow
National Chairperson
PS – These crucial legal actions are funded entirely from donations by ordinary people like you who believe election fraud cannot be tolerated. Conservative Party lawyers are driving court costs up and more donations are urgently needed for the Federal Court hearing this fall. Your donation of $24, $247 or whatever you can afford will directly help these legal actions and the restoration of Canadian democracy. Click here to donate to the Democracy 24-7 Legal Fund now!

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