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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ben Knows Politics

I something funny on HuffPost today: Ben Mulroney was talking about politics. 
You can read the entire exchange at the above link, it's an inane Twitter back and forth about how a former staffer under Ben's father Prime Minister Brian Mulroney might have misstated something about pensions with Ben sticking up for his dad. What's weird about this situation though is that Ben Mulroney is talking about politics, because I could have sworn that he knew about as much about the subject as he does about pop culture. 
I, for one, applaud Mulroney's furtive dip into politics, at least showing that he has an interest beyond what people are wearing on the red carpet and what people named Kardashian are doing with their pathetic lives. It may be a playground scuffle of "my dad can beat up your dad" magnitude, but hey, at least he's showing some indication that he was raised in a political family, and not in a fashion boutique on Rodeo Drive.
Ben's got a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in history from Duke University, and then earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Universit√© Laval. But what does he do with his life? Canadian Idol and eTalk. Mulroney seemed to take umbrage with Norman Spector for calling him "a game show host." Actually, I wish Mulroney was a game show host. At least then he would be helping people (win cash and prizes). Mulroney's day job celebrity boot-licking helps no one. 
And worse than that, he's bad at it. I've seen him in appearances on Canada AM, CP24, and InnerSPACE and have been astounded by his complete lack of knowledge of his field. On InnerSPACE while having a discussion about what developments might occur in future episodes of Stargate Universe with co-host Teddy Wilson, Mulroney took the fifth. He didn't want to speculate because he was too blown away by the current developments on the show. Really? As a self-professed "geek" you couldn't possibly imagine what might happen next on a show you claim to enjoy? On top of that, I know geeks, and they wouldn't be caught dead making a career of eTalk.
I'm not sure what point I originally had posting this, but it gave me another opportunity to fire off on Ben Mulroney. So thanks for that Ben. Keep up the good work.

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