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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Protest in Effect?

I just received a strange report concerning activity on the bus today.

A tipster just told me about their experience riding the bus about an hour ago from Stone Road Mall, where a transit supervisor pulled a driver and tried to put the number 9 from the mall to downtown out of service, and standing the riders for another half-hour. Fortunately, the riders' protests were heard and they were taken downtown, where that bus and one other were taken out of service.

My tipster then waited for the number 23 bus downtown, whose passengers were left waiting with the passengers of the number 24 bus. Another transit supervisor came over and said that while the 24 will be arriving late, the 23 wouldn't be arriving at all.

So what's the deal with buses today? Are drivers out of sorts? Are riders? Is there a mutiny afoot on our bus system? Let me know your thoughts, experiences and tips below.

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