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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Video Campaign

One of the big components of the US Presidential Race is how well, the candidates are using the new media; You Tube and Facebook mostly. In the case of the later, all the candidates have a presence there in, with Tom King appearing to be leading the derby for the most number of friends (meaning, supporters).

But what about video? Who's doing better with the visual component of the race? Well this video went up on You Tube yesterday:

I don't think its partisan or biased to say that was awesome. Especially the end when it's like Reservoir Dogs, except everybody's Mr. Green. I searched You Tube for other stuff this cool from the candidates but to no avail.

Tom King had some video from appearances by Jack Layton and Howard Hampton in town, as well as the Ottawa intro of him and the other NDP by-election candidates from Quebec. Interestingly, there also appears to be a guitarist named CHRIS Tom King as well as a popular character from the British soap Emmerdale also named Tom King.

For Frank Valeriote all I found was a gotcha video made by somebody in the Red Brick Cafe during Stephane Dion's visit, as the cameraman tries to talk to Dion about the Security, Prosperity and Partnership Program (or SPP). Of course, the video never shows him actually talking Dion, but his notes of the incident on his Facebook page so... check that out, I guess.

Finally, I typed in Gloria Kovach and all I could find was some tape of a Guelph Council meeting from four years ago that only reminded me of how sad that group made me. (Not Gloria actually, it most everyone else. in the horseshoe with a couple of exceptions.) Anyway, the alternative links offered gave me this, which I thought apropos, given some of the tough talk on the campaign trail last week. So for everyone in Camp Kovach, I send this one out to you:

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it!

The song's called "Gloria", like Ms. Kovach


Way to zing G-L-O-R-I-A Gloooooooorrrrrrrria G-L-O-R-I-A Adam, way to zing her.

Keep up the posts

Mike Wisniewski