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Monday, August 25, 2008

All Candidates Tonight!

This is the big one tonight boys and girls: the Chamber of Commerce sponsored All Candidates debate at the River Run Centre in the Co-Operators Hall. If you can't make it down to the River Run, then you can tune in to the debate televised live on Rogers Channel 20 on your cable dial.

The CoC did a survey of the major candidates and posted their answers on their website. Click the link to find out what they had to say on the issues important to the Chamber of Commerce.

On a similar note, there was talk this weekend about a full-on general election being called as early as September 2nd. Unless I'm mistaken, in such an event, the by-elections will be scuttled and we'll simply vote with the nation. That of course will mean another month of campaigning for our long suffering candidates.

C'est la vie in a parliamentary democracy, I suppose.

I still intend to post my Stephane Dion interview by the way. I spent the weekend at Fan Expo (hence no post yesterday), so I'm still playing catch-up.

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