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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Don't Be a Dick

Hi all,

This is a message for all the [blank]holes, presumably drunk although that's not for certain, that spent last night knocking over Frank Valeriote and Gloria Kovach's campaign signs on the corner of Paisley and Silvercreek: Don't be a dick.

Seriously, you went to a lot of trouble to show Valeriote and Kovach who's boss (by process of elimination, I assume its Tom King and Mike Nagy), but honestly we're a week into the election and already people are playing vandal mind games by pretending that knocking over the campaign signs of the candidate you don't like makes any kind of point other than, "I'm a big fat jerk that can't express myself in a normal fashion because I'm either too disengaged or too cowardly."

I brought this up when I talked to Tom King earlier this week, one of King's signs seems to be the first to be vandalized this campaign after an American flag was attached to it. King seemed to take the matter in stride, although he was obviously disappointed. He called it "juvenile" and "Mickey Mouse."

So do what King says: don't be part of the Mickey Mouse Club, and don't be a dick either. You left his signs untouched so I already know you agree with him. Or, to quote one of my all time favourite Simpsons bits, "I look forward to an orderly election that will eliminate the need for a violent bloodbath."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great post Adam!

Any candidate that associates themselves with those who damage election signs does not deserve to win.

Keep an eye out!

Mike Wisniewski