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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Harper Returns (Sort of)

It was announced today that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be returning to Southwestern Ontario to campaign with Gloria Kovach. But in an ironic twist, the rally won't be held in the Roayal City, but in Kitchener. Yes, that sound you're hearing is you scratching your head in confusion. According to the CTV affiliate in Kitchener, the reason Harper isn't coming to Guelph is because the Kovach campaign couldn't or wouldn't foot the cost of hosting the PM, which I presume is substantial.

The event is a barbecue at the Romanian Cultural Centre at 2150 Bleams Road in Kitchener. If you look here on Google Maps you can see precisely where the event will take place, and how far it is from the vast majority of Kitchener. Now, when Harper was here in Guelph back in March, it was at the Guelph Place banquet hall on Michener, a location at the time I noted as being as far away from the University of Guelph as you can get before leaving town. But at least the event is open to the public, so long as you register and pay up $25 each. For more info, go to Kovach's website here.

In other news, a fourth riding is now going to the polls in a by-election: the Toronto riding of Don Valley West. They'll be going to the polls on September 22nd, an announcement that has thrown more fire on the speculation that a full-out general election will take place sometime this Fall. Perhaps it'll be a good idea for the winner of our election to hold off on taking down their signs on September 9th.

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