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Monday, August 11, 2008

Courting the Vampire Lobby?

In the midst of a busy day including a radio interview, a press conference in front of city hall, interviews with the National Post and the Mercury, a supporters' rally and a Make Poverty History Guelph-chapter meeting, Nagy found time to give a little blood. Not only that, but he brought special guest Elizabeth May with him to the Blood Donor Clinic on Silvercreek.

The Green Party leader said it was the first time for her donating blood since her hip surgery last fall. Nagy mentioned that he's been a blood donor since 1986, although he had to give it up for a turn as he traveled heavily for his job. But Nagy says that giving blood is, "The most direct way for Canadians to give to other Canadians. [...] You can help someone without them even knowing it."

May was in good spirits saying that she would have liked to be in Guelph sooner, but she was in New Glasgow this past weekend participating in a dragon boat race. May's team beat the team led by Peter MacKay, defence minister and currently the man holding the seat that May is running for in Central Nova. A glimpse at things to come, or an indictment on MacKay's boating skills? You be the judge.

See the Green Press Release here.

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