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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Harper Grills Up Some Support

Photo Courtesy of the Guelph Mercury

Not to confuse the issue, but I actually like Stephen Harper. I like him in the same way I like George W. Bush. If Bush is the wacky neighbour you'd like to hang out with, whose Tim Taylor like ineptitude always has him getting into one kind of hijink or another, than Harper is Mr. Furley, the landlord that's constantly peeking around corners and misconstruing simple misunderstandings for something gay.

If there's one thing that keeps me put-off about Harper it's his forced allergic reaction to the press as if they were leapers. Contagious with the bubonic plague. And covered in slime. All right honestly, I sometimes think that Harper sees a gaggle of reporters at a scrum and thinks about the escape from the mall scene in Dawn of the Dead.

Witness friends, another example of the PM's quarantine treatment of the media at yesterday's barbecue in Kitchener. The last line of the Mercury article read: "The prime minister did not take questions from media, but did pose for pictures with the public after the barbecue."

Hm. That sounds kind of familiar:

"Journalists' movements were seriously controlled and monitored. Once members of the media had entered the venue, they were not allowed to step out only to come back in. That would have presented a problem if an incident had occurred among protesters while Harper was talking. Journalists could not stand on the sidelines to throw out questions when Harper walked by. They were asked to leave as soon as the speech was over. If they could not approach Harper, he would not have to confront them." -

"If he is truly not interested in influencing the Guelph byelection, it would seem to make sense that he would steer clear of Kitchener as well - where presumably questions about the Guelph race could be raised - until after Sept. 8."

1 comment:

Chris said...

He's not afraid of the media, he's afraid of the public learning the truth about his government. If he avoids the media, he avoids people finding out about his policies.