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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green Supporters Bike For Mike

It was perfecting biking weather today. Good thing too because the Green Party's Bike for Mike was scheduled for earlier this afternoon and there's really nothing too much worse than having to ride around in the pouring rain.

At 12:30, Green volunteers and bike enthusiasts began showing up at the Nagy campaign office. Some had Green signs taped to their bikes while the more bold hitched up a trailer to the back of their rides.

The woman on the left is Wendy Morley, a former Guelph resident that came out to ride today. She currently lives in Orangeville and rode on her bike from their to Guelph. That's a 100k round trip, excluding the Bike for Mike root.I took this picture from the railway bridge on Wyndham near Carden.

This one was at the finish point, as riders returned to the Nagy campaign office.

When everyone had returned, the Greens celebrated the ride (and volunteer Stan's birthday, here, standing on Nagy's right) with some cake. Nagy thanked the crowd saying that this was a critical bike ride; critical for the health of the planet and critical to get a Green MP in Parliament.

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