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Friday, August 1, 2008

Nagy Office Officially Opened

"This isn't a good location, this is a great location," an enthusiastic Mike Nagy tells me. Apparently all the parties were looking at this prime real estate on the corner of Gordon and Wellington, but a little birdie told me that the man that owns the property only had eyes for Green. The location seems indicative of a great generation of excitement over the Green Party's chances here in the election, campaign workers say their up to a volunteer force of 250 workers and counting, and their goal was originally 200 in all.

"We have hope and focus, not fear and baggage," Nagy told a gathering of supports and interested passersby, "We have what the other parties don't: continuous growth."

Nagy thanked everyone that came out, especially the young woman that kayked all the way from Eden Mills, and not to mention the numerous people that had biked to the event. Nagy went on to reiterate that a Green MP in Guelph would make history and that a vote for one of the other three candidates won't effectively change the board enough in Parliament to make a difference, so why not take a gamble on Green?

With that, Nagy and his volunteers moved into the official unveiling of the sign. The wrap was peeled away as the crowd chanted the words "Guelph's Going Green." As you'll notice below, some of the brown paper came off, but a lot of it was left on the sign, forcing Nagy to borrow the kayak paddle to tear down the rest. He took it all in good stride though.

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