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Sunday, May 14, 2017

City Council Preview - What's on the Agenda for the May 23 Meeting?

The agenda for the regular council meeting this month seems kind of light, which is good because in May it's taking place after the long weekend.

CON-2017.22 13 Stuart Street: Notice of Intention to Designate Pursuant to Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act - So you guys seem to love Guelph heritage stories, and this is one of them. The current owners of 11 Stuart St seem to have been tearing apart the inside of this historically significant house over the last year, which is concerning because there may be as many unique heritage features on the inside as they are on the outside. The home was once owned by Arthur Cutten, and if you've ever lived in Guelph, you've probably heard of him. The original house was built in 1891, with major alterations done by the Cuttens in 1904, and staff is recommending that Council publish its intention to designate 13 Stuart St according to provisions of Section 29, Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. Building Services has issued a stop work order for all demolition and they are now monitoring the site to make sure everyone complies with this order.
Reports from Committee-of-the-Whole on May 1:
COW-IDE-2017.20 Elementary School Speed Zone
COW-IDE-2017.21 Municipal Property and Building Commemorative Naming Annual Report
COW-IDE-2017.22 2017 Development Priorities Plan Summary
COW-IDE-2017.23 Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Climate and Asset Management Network
COW-IDE-2017.25 2016 Building Permit Revenue and Expenditures, Building Stabilization Reserve Fund, Annual Setting of Building Permit Fees and Building By-law Amendments
COW-GOV-2017.01 CAO Performance Development Plan (PDP) Process
COW-2017.02 Review and Discussion Regarding Notices of Motion
COW-CS-2017.05 Six Month Committee of the Whole Recap
COW-CS-2017.06 2016 Operating Variance Report and Surplus and Deficit Allocation
COW-CS-2017.07 2016 Year-End Capital Variance Report
COW-PS-2017.04 Business License Fees 2017
COW-PS-2017.05 Refugee Support Program Review Recommendation:
CON-2017.10 City of Guelph and Guelph Public Library Governance – Mayor Guthrie’s Motion for Which Notice was Given on March 20, 2017
*Scheduling note: Due to the Victoria Day holiday, the regular council meeting that takes place on Monday is moving to Tuesday.

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