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Monday, March 1, 2010

The NDP Choose....

It's been a long time since anyone's thrown around the E-word (election), but then again it's been a long time since Parliament's been in session too. In the inbox today, I was given a notice that the New Democrats of Guelph would be choosing their candidate for the next Federal Election this Thursday at 7 pm at the CAW Hall, 611 Silvercreek Pkwy N. Below you'll find, in the candidate's own words, her bio and a brief policy statement. Give it a gander.

Bobbi Stewart - Seeking your Support for Federal Nomination

I was raised in Niagara Falls and came to this wonderful City of Guelph to attend the University of Guelph in 1972 for their Bachelor of Arts, music major program. I am married to Cameron Adams and have three adult daughters and two step – children. I’ve worked for some terrific social service over the past thirty years. My current employer, with whom I have worked almost twenty years, is Family & Children’s Services of Guelph & Wellington County. Since earning my Masters of Social Worker I have done clinical social work and managed the care of children in foster care. I love my work with children and families and also to volunteer in the community. I enjoyed involvement with the Guelph Youth Singers for several years, canvassed for the Cancer Society and fund – raised for the Guelph Civic League, but my most rewarding and enjoyable volunteer work has been with the New Democratic Party. I have been a member for two decades, joining when Chris Margetson asked me to second her nomination for Federal candidate.

I joined the New Democratic Party because their values fit with mine. I strongly believe that our worth as a society is measured by the way we treat our most vulnerable citizens and I live my values of respect, empathy and compassion. We as NDP supporters share the proud history of Tommy Douglas, the CCF and the birth of national Medicare. I have never understood why our Party has never held power in Federal parliament. We are the Party most in – tuned to the needs of average Canadians and we have bright, passionate leaders. I agreed to seek this nomination because of my strong belief in our Party and to stand up against Harper arrogance, black and white thinking and the erosion of our democracy. I will also speak out against the Liberal corporate agenda as their approach will never solve our economic crisis. I will do my utmost to convince those who would vote for the Green Party to vote NDP, as a vote for the Greens is a wasted vote. I have a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and love new challenges, especially when they involve politics. I know that I can represent you well and ask for your support.

Bobbi Stewart, Candidate for Federal Nomination

So with Stewart's presumptive nomination, the four major parties have their players on the board:

Liberal: Frank Valeriote (Incumbant)
Conservative: Marty Burke
Green: Bob Bell
NDP: Bobbi Stewart

NOTE: Last election Guelph ran 10 candidates in our riding, so this will likely be far from a complete list by the time the election begins (when it begins).

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Anonymous said...

So that is(really) why she showed up at the Council planning meeting on Monday night re the temple. Apparently doesn't live in Guelph either. Face time for an unknown.
Shame on her and the NDP for trying to politicize this very sensitive issue.