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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guthrie Watch 2010 Continues...

Careful Echo readers will have spotted the piece about Cam Guthrie and the grassroots push he's being given to run for Mayor. It actuality, it was a truncated version of the piece that ran on Politico last week, but still any press... as they say.

Anyway, I thought today I'd check out the Facebook group again and see where the count is at. And as of 5:42 pm on Thursday March 18th, the "Cam Guthrie for the Mayor of Guelph" page has 362 members and counting.

Interestingly, there's another Facebook group called "Get Cam Guthrie Elected to the City of Guelph" which is about getting Guthrie to run for council again and has, so far, 138 members. The pages are administered by two different people.

Check out Cam for Mayor here and Cam for Council here.

1 comment:

Kyle Mackie said...

why would I vote for someone who can decide if he really wants the job or not? just saying...