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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Farbridge Campaign goes Online

Further evidence that election season is now upon us, Mayor Karen Farbridge has launched her re-election campaign's website, which can be found at farbridgeforguelph.ca

On the site is the usual bios, pics and campaigning material. The Mayor's vision is split into three different areas: Your Home, Your Work and Your Community. Two of those, interestingly, mention the Hanlon Creek Business Park directly, with the Mayor saying that the develpoment of the HCBP "will help us attract the kinds of high paying, long-term jobs we need to grow sustainably."

So one gets the impression that the Mayor foresees the HCBP being a big issue this election cycle. But then the website says in another area of the site to keep in mind that "only about 10 to 20 per cent of City resources are dedicated to high profile projects, like the Hanlon Creek Business Park, a new main library or a South End community centre."

Additionally, the Mayor will be chronicling her re-election in the blogosphere by posting at karenfarbridge.com The only thing there right now though is the text from her speech announcing the start of her campaign. Still, light years ahead of anyone else running for Mayor. Any takers?

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kamorant said...

It would be great to have some competition here. Myself and others think that Cam Guthrie would make a great Mayor for Guelph. If you agree you can join the Facebook "Cam Guthrie for Mayor" advocacy group in the hopes that we can encourage Cam to run! Here is the link: