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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Celebrate Activism

NOTE: The date change below

From the people that brought you fighting the power and giving peace a chance, comes an event to celebrate those that stand up to the man and lived to tell about it.

Roots of Change
Thursday, April 1st, 2010, 6-11 p.m.
40 Baker St, Guelph, ON, Canada

We invite ALL members of the Guelph campus and community to come on out! There will be 4 key speakers who are all prominent local activists, either from the campus or community. They will share their stories of change and activism, with time for an audience question and answer period.


1. Abid Virani --> Co-founder of Student Reach International

2. Bob Gordon --> Involved this past summer with the HCBP occupation
3. mandy hiscocks --> OPIRG Volunteer Coordinator
4. Dr.Terisa Turner --> Co-director of the United Nations NGO, International Oil Working Group (IOWG)

-->>SPECIAL GUEST:<<-- We are pleased to announce that David Scott, a talented local musician, will be delighting us with his sensational acoustics and lyrics. Come to open your mind, open your hearts, establish new connections, and see a new light or perhaps find something you think is worth fighting for... bring your ideas and positivism and together we will learn from each others stories and make a difference in our community.

The evening is free by donation to support further continuation of the "Roots of Change" project, with complimentary beverages and food. We will have an open mic hour and encourage people to express their creativity by sharing poetry, singing a song, jamming out with some instruments or telling your OWN story!

We are currently in the midst of pairing this event with CFRU 93.3FM to record the event and make it into a mini series that will be aired on the station... so all of Guelph can be a part of the roots of change!! --> we'll keep you guys posted on the details!!

Invite your friends, family, teachers, peers. Spread the word!!

Consider it spread.

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