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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cam Guthrie Not Running for Mayor... Yet.

An internet movement’s begun over the last few weeks to push a certain well know Guelphite and politico into the recently initiated mayoral race, but Cam Guthrie says that no final decisions have been made yet. “It’s weighing heavily on me right now because of all the phone calls and e-mails and people stopping me on the street,” Guthrie told me by phone the other day. “Whatever decision it is it will be in the best interest of my city and my family.”

The buzz comes from a Facebook group called “Cam Guthrie for the Mayor of Guelph”, which was started barely a week after the city’s present mayor, Karen Farbridge, announced her intention to run for re-election in this fall’s municipal contest. Guthrie calls it an encouragement page, but one that he had nothing to do with. Instead, credit for the group can be given to Karl Morant. “The first time I ever met him was in the [2006] municipal election,” Guthrie recalls. “I’ve probably had four conversations with him on passing over the last four years.”

Guthrie History Fact: Cam ran as a candidate for city council in Ward 4 in the last municipal election. It was his first candidacy and he finished in a respectable third place showing just 194 votes behind Mike Salisbury who won the second seat in the ward after first place Gloria Kovach.

As of today, Morant and his group have collected 239 members and counting. Guthrie admits that he’s recognized a few of the names that joined the group, but there’s also a great many he doesn’t. “I am very humbled by the encouragement and support that’s sprung on this thing in the last couple of days,” he says. “It’s just amazing.”

The question now is whether or not that encouragement is going to translate into a bid for the City’s highest elected post, Guthrie’s still mulling the possibilities and gauging his support. Guthrie says he’s seeking “wise council” in order to make the right decision for himself, the city and his family.

As for a timetable, Guthrie told me that his decision will be coming soon, if only out of practical consideration in running a mayoral race. “Unfortunately, these types of campaigns require money to run, and, of course, the sooner you declare yourself the sooner your able to start bringing in money for the campaign. So I can’t let it go too long.”

Still, Guthrie is keen to point out that since 2006 he has remained active and informed about the goings on in Guelph (he's even served a tour as a member of the Guelph Mercury Community Editorial Board with yours truly.) Sounding like he's ready to campaign, Guthrie's already got his eye on an issue. “The biggest issue, I feel, is fiscal accountability," he explains. "I know that’s something a lot of politicians say but that’s the biggest issue with me. And whether or not I run for mayor or run for council, or whether I run at all, that will consistently be one of my pet peeves with this city and the way that it’s being handled by the current leadership.”

You can check out the Facebook group here.

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