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Monday, April 18, 2011

Michael Sona in the Crosshairs

So when I wrote on the weekend that the U of G Special Ballot situation had chilled that was apparently wishful thinking. Liberal blogger James Curran posted this picture a little while ago that shows Marty Burke Communications Director Michael Sona standing near the ballot box in the University Centre last Wednesday, talking on his cell phone. Although, not terribly damning, it is the first image to emerge from the alleged confrontation between people running the Special Ballot at the U of G and Sona last week.
Meanwhile, in other places on the interweb, a petition has been started that demands that Sona be fired not just by the Burke campaign, but from his day job too as Members Assistant to the Conservative MP for Fundy-Royal, NB, Robert Moore "While students were lining up to cast their ballot Mr.Sona stormed in and began screaming that the 'Polling station was illegal,'" says the petition. "Following his childish outburst, Mr.Sona then attempted to grab a ballot box and pushed an Elections Canada volunteer for getting in his way. [...] We the undersigned believe that this assault on democracy by Mr.Sona is unacceptable.  We urge that Mr.Burke and Minister Moore do the responsible action and fire him." At last count, 155 people have signed the petition.

Guelph Conservative blogger Jon Siemko posted the below picture, which, to be honest, doesn't prove much beside the fact that somebody was reading a Liberal pamphlet outside the U.C. The picture comes from a series of five posted to a site called The Landmark Report

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