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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mail from Marty

I do this because it's quite possibly the closest I'll ever get to actually interviewing Marty Burke. Like the headline says, it's text from a letter sent to my house by the Burke campaign. My mom was home when the mail was delivered and when she saw it she was thoroughly unimpressed. (You know my mom, she's the one all over Facebook talking about how the Conservatives will destroy Canada. By the way, she challenges Burke and Jim Flaherty to visit our house while they're campaigning tomorrow.)
Anyway, here is the content of the letter with only some (slight) editorializing.
What is this election about? Here in Guelph, everyone is telling me they want strong leadership and lower taxes.
Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has proven itself to be committed to lower taxes. Since forming government in 2006 we have:
  • Reduced the GST from 7% to 6% to 5%;
  • Lower taxes on job creating businesses;
  • Cut taxes more than 120 times, saving the average Canadian family over $3,000 a year
Our latest budget included further tax cuts like $2,000 Family Caregiver Tax Credit and the $3,000 Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit.
Unfortunately, Michael Ignatieff, with his NDP and Bloc partners, voted against this budget and its tax-cutting measures and forced this unnecessary and costly election. In fact, the Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition would like to raise taxes! [Yes, this section was bolded.] As a result, this “Tax and Spend” coalition is threatening to kill almost 400,000 jobs and costs Canadians $7 billion.
You and I cannot afford such reckless policies. A vote for the Conservative Party of Canada is a vote for a strong commitment to low taxes and responsible economic policies.
On May 2nd vote Conservative, and put an end to the threat of a reckless coalition! [That again? Really? That phrase is so the first week of this election.}
Marty Burke
PS: For further information on defeating the Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition please visit my website at www.martyburke.ca

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