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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Green Party Comment on that Whole Ballot Thing

Green Party Statement on Voter Suppression at Campus Advance Polling
The University of Guelph campus advance poll staffed by elections Canada in the University Centre was subject to inappropriate and unethical behaviour late this afternoon. A person identified as a Conservative party supporter started yelling at the polling station that the voting was illegal and grabbed a ballot box.
The Green Campaign for John Lawson condemns the actions that took place at the University of Guelph advance voting station today. We will be officially requesting the returning officer to investigate if any election laws have been broken.
The Green party is committed to talking to voters of all ages about their party's agendas and leadership. We want to see Guelph set the standard for Canadian participation of younger voters, who are traditionally underrepresented in the electoral process. The actions taken by Conservative supporters is deeply disturbing and is nothing less than an attack on the fundamental right of Canadians to participate in a democratic society.
The Green Party condemns any acts of fear and intimidation. “I urge the campaign team of Marty Burke to state publicly its commitment to no intimidation at polling stations and its affirmation of the importance of the participation of youth in the voting process,” says John Lawson.

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