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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Candidate Questionnaire - Marijuana's Kornelis Klevering

Like all the candidates for so-called "third parties" in this election, Kornelis Klevering is trying for the second time to steal votes from the major parties, in his case, for the Marijuana Party. Klevering keeps his Questionnaire short, but sweet. Here at Politico, we'll talk to anyone will to talk about their ideas, and Marijuana Party candidate shared his without having to man a phone bank. (Yes. I'm still bitter.)
1. Why did you put your name forward to run for Member of Parliament of Guelph in this election?
Raise the issue of marijuana in this election.
2. There’s been a lot of debate about the “necessity” of this election. What do you think, was it important to go to the polls this spring?
Yes. Every election promotes democracy; the more the better.
3. What are your opinions of the Harper Government? Their successes, their failures.
The Tories have become the puppets of anglo-american capitalism. Their great failure has been to let this happen.
4. Please describe your position/ideas on the following issues.
a. The Economy/Economic Recovery
There is greater recovery of the wealth once owned by the middle class by the billionaires class.
b. Healthcare
Big Pharma is behind the suppression of medicinal marijuana in Canada. They enslave us with their overpriced, addictive, and harmful chemicals. That is the basis to Canada’s health program.
c. Education
It should be a right. Students that work hard and pass should receive stipend at end of each semester.
d. The Environment
Shut down the Tar Sands project and nationalize Canada’s oil and gas industry.
e. Parliamentary Integrity/Transparency
There is none. Turn the Parliamentary Buildings into a national museum and transfer federal powers to the provinces.
5. Is there another issue that you’d like to highlight in this campaign? Something that you’ve been hearing about while campaigning, perhaps?
There is a conspiracy to divide the vote so that the Tories will get a majority.
6. What is your message to the voters of Guelph?
Elect the smaller parties. They are by far more representative of their communities then the major parties.

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