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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Civic League Announced

This was passed around via the GCL's Facebook group yesterday. It's no secret that the group's been rather directionless lately, which is not such a great thing for a civic action committee to be going into an election year. I hope that the Guelph Civic League's reshuffling will give them the step up they need to reclaim their place as an important voice in the public square. Still, one wonders what role they'll play in this year's municipal election...

The Guelph Civic League Announces Its New Executive Committee

Guelph, Ontario – A new executive committee has been elected to continue the work of the Guelph Civic League in 2010-2011. Kevin Ferraro and Sharon Lewis, both new to the Guelph Civic League, have agreed to act as co-presidents of the organization. Annie O'Donoghue will continue to act as past president. Other positions were filled as follows:

Treasurer - Anne Gardner
Secretary - Clare Irwin
Membership / Outreach Coordinator - Kathie Lamie
Events Coordinator - Susan Ratcliffe
Communications Coordinator - Dave Sills
Campus Outreach Coordinator - Anastasia Zavarella (CSA Local Affairs Commissioner)

The members of the executive committee are excited about their new roles and anxious to build on the work of past executive committee members.

Founded in 2004, the Guelph Civic League is committed to keeping citizens informed and working towards a local democracy that is inclusive, participatory, transparent and accountable. The Guelph Civic League can be found on the web at guelphcivicleague.ca.

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