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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The City is Closed (Part 3 of 5)

Thinking of going to the library today? Filing some papers at City Hall? Chilling out at the rec centre? Well forget it! Today is the third of five planned days off for the City of Guelph resulting from the 2010 budget crunch. The closures this time, as have the two previous days off, also affect garbage pick-up. So if you live in the northeast area of the city and have put out your garbage, you might want to bring it back in before it gets any more rank out sitting in the summer air. To see when your area is affected, check the map at this link.

And as another not-so-friendly reminder, Guelph Transit will be doing their final Sunday run this weekend before the August shutdown. There will be no buses on Sundays in August, also as a result of the budget crisis. Not to fret though because the return to full service is, thankfully, just over a month away.

Apparently, there's been some difficulty in getting the word out about these closures. Why? I don't know. Still, check out Echo Weekly today for my civic engagement guide 2010. (Plug of the Day!)

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